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Fifty Shades Soap Bar

Fifty Shades Soap Bar


Our inspired Fifty Shades Soap has been a best-selling scent in our other products, so we decided to add it to our soap bar line, as well. We have used an artificial fragrance that is similar to Earl Grey Tea, a soothing, calming scent that is loved by men and women alike. Many are curious about the product because of the name, but it really is a play on words with the scent resembling Earl "Grey". 

This beautiful grey and red soap bar is created using moisturizing oils of coconut, rice bran, safflower, and the addition of shea butter. We then add this deliciously-calming scent, some beautiful micas for color, then swirl til our hearts' content. 

We also offer this scent in soy candles,lotion, bath bombs, liquid foaming soap, and room spray. 

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