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DIY Club


We will be offering our shop, equipment, supplies, electricity, staff, and ingredients to a special group of people who would LOVE to make soap, candles or lotions on a regular basis, but don’t want to invest in all the extra equipment, ingredients, packaging, and supplies necessary to do so. Many of you want to make soap or candles for yourselves or your family, but don’t’ have the storage room in your homes to buy all the raw ingredients and keep them for the days you have time to make the products. There will be a DIY room attendant to help you with anything you need, but you will be on your own to create your products then pay for your supplies after you have created your products. Your supplies cost will depend on the products and quantity you made. This club is open to anyone who pays the club fee, however, you must also have taken our basic class for each product type that you plan to make. If you have taken our Beginner Soap Making Class you can make soap, but you will not be able to make candles unless you have taken our Candle Making Class first. This allows us to ensure you have experience making the products using our methods so there will not be any raw materials wasted due to error. We will have basic recipes available to use if you need a recipe as well. We cannot possibly carry every fragrance or essential oil ever made by every supplier, so if there is a scent you want to make, you can email us to find out if we carry it and if we do not, you may bring your own scent to use in your products.

For a small fee, we are offering our facility, pots, pans, spatulas, and other equipment to you for your bath and body care products. When you come in on one of our scheduled DIY Club days each month you will just pay for the raw ingredients and containers you use for your products. We will supply all the containers you need for your projects, except soap molds. You will need to bring your own soap mold so you can take your soap home with you at the end of the day. You can bring your own mold or purchase a silicone soap mold from me and keep it at home, then bring it to the shop each time you make soap.

We have several payment options available to join our DIY Club, you can pay only the months that you want to come in and make products, or you can pay for 6 months at a time or pay the full year in monthly installments.

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