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Top 10 Things to Avoid in Cake Decorating
Cake decorating is an amazing hobby which is attracting more and more enthusiasts every day. But due to the inexperience of those who are starting out, there are several mistakes that beginners make. In this article we will discuss and highlight several of the beginner’s mistakes.

1. Not Observing Proper Dessert Preparation  สล๊อตเว็บตรงแตกง่าย

Forget the dessert preparations. Just before the dessert arrives, remove your cakes from the oven and let them cool for five to ten minutes. This will allow the flavors to me brought out by the heat of the oven. Cake Decorating 

2. Not Checking Your Temperature This is something that many people are guilty of. Just because your thermometer is off by a few degrees doesn’t mean you should stop checking your temperature. In fact, your temperature is usually off by plus or minus five degrees when you start cooking your cakes. (ratch that – one degree is usually the ‘correct’ temperature.)

3. Not Weighting the Dessert Properly. All cakes contain water and ingredients that have been weighed down by the cake wrapper. Remember to ‘scale down’ on these too as you will end up with a lighter and potentially more flavorful finished product. Cake Decorating

4. Starting too Early. For instance, many beginners start raising thecake only after they have already put the sponge on. By the time the sponge is removed, the cake is so thick that it cannot be handled any other way and will have to be cut out. Cake Decorating

As you can see, there is a very good reason for not starting the decorating until much later in the day. And there is even a better reason for not starting until much later in the evening.

5. Leaving the Dessert untouched. By the time you finish eating, you will most probably not be done with the dessert, too. Leaving the dessert unpopped, or only partially covered removes valuable moisture and nutrients from the dessert. Cake Decorating

6. Not Tasting the Dessert. Just imagine how dry your hands and mouth would be if you finish a meal without ever tasting it? And imagine how soaked your body would be if you do not eat a single calorie of fruit or vegetable? Cake Decorating

It’s also a great idea to eat a fruit or vegetable with your meal. Not only does the food taste better, but there is more nutritional value in the fruit or vegetable than if you had eaten the same meal with rice or pasta.

7. maids’ tips. Maids are paid by tips. If you are going to tip, give it to the staff. If you are going to order by himself, tell the chef to put “Ms” by your directions. This tells the chef that you consider him/her to be your Ms.

8. Eating with the fingers. Many people want to lead a healthier lifestyle. But at the same time, stay in the kitchen or cook with boxed rice, macaroni noodles, or other similar fare. These types of foods are often high in fat, calories, and sugar, so it’s better that you don’t eat them.

9. Helping your digestion. Help your digestion by chewing a small fiber or tasty probiotic burst before or after your meal. A good probiotic should have five times the amount of protein, calcium, and fats than the stomach acid, making it easier to digest.

10. Eating with others. It is sometimes difficult to realize that you are not eating with others when you eat out. You may be thinking you are eating with family, but you are not. You are not even eating the food with which your loved ones are familiar. When you are with others, you will find out that there is far more variety in tastes, textures, and colors.

So, don’t wait to get dinner tonight. Make the most of theidays and all the family time you have. You will be able to enjoy all the best food on the table, and know that you are doing something special for your friends and family.